Saturday, 15 June 2013

Doctor Who - The Name Of The Doctor

A superb finale that provides satisfying resolution and generates fevered anticipation for the show's 50th anniversary

After what's been an unspectacular run of episodes, there was a lot of pressure resting on this episode, show runner Steven Moffat and this season as a whole. Thankfully this episode not only ensured this season's place in the show's history, but it re-invigorated the show just in time for its 50th anniversary.

Within the ramblings of mad man, Madame Vastra hears a word that she knows to hold a great significance to The Doctor; Trenzalore. She calls together a group of The Doctor's closest friends to help him in his hour of need.

It's a low-key opening that neatly brings the characters together and establishes the significance of the threat. The Whispermen, all teeth and no eyes, rudely interrupt the conference. If we were in any doubt of the raised stakes, the Whispermen kill Jenny without a second's thought. Although she is ultimately revived, Steven Moffat takes this episode into a darker territory that has been missing from most of this season's adventures.

The Doctor's grave... sort of (picture courtesy of

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Doctor Who - Nightmare In Silver

Neil Gaiman's second Doctor Who episode is lazy, irritating and uninspiring. 

Last week's The Crimson Horror ended on an unexpected note. Clara's time travelling exploits had been uncovered by Angie and Artie, demanding a trip in the TARDIS in exchange for their silence. The biggest worry with children on TV shows is that they can be terribly annoying and are often used to initiate plot strands. In The Walking Dead, Rick and Lori's son Carl was forever wandering off and turning up at the most opportune moment, often at the expense of any character development. Sadly Neil Gaiman falls into that exact trap.

Thinking he's onto a winner, The Doctor takes Angie and Artie to the biggest theme park in the universe, Hedgewick's World Of Wonders. Well it used to be, but the planet has since been quarantined after several attacks from Cybermen. When The Doctor is partially upgraded by the mysterious Cyber Planner, he has to battle the Cyber Planner in a game of chess with the universe at stake.

Erm... no thanks. I'll stick to Free Cell. image courtesy of