Thursday, 17 January 2013

Films Of 2012 - The Honourable Mentions

Films Of 2012 - The Honourable Mentions

A further 10 films which deserve recognition

2012 was a good year for film. Not excellent but still good. Whilst I found choosing my top 10 films relatively easy, choosing those worthy of an honourable mention proved to be more difficult. There were those films which narrowly missed out on the top 10, films which missed out because of the odd flaw and those which require additional viewings to fully be appreciated.

So here are my honourable mentions of 2012,  in alphabetical order.

Cabin In The Woods
The Dark Knight Rises
Even The Rain
The Master
Moonrise Kingdom
The Muppets
A Royal Affair
Rust And Bone
Your Sister's Sister

These films wouldn't necessarily make up my 11-20 list, but each one does something noteworthy enough to deserve its mention here.

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